Culinary Highlights of Caceres

Culinary Highlights of Caceres

Spain is famous for food. However, it is from the small and often overlooked city of Caceres that some of the most famous dishes have emerged. From organic olive oils to the corks used in winemaking, the local food and beverage industry sees that everything is sourced locally. This is why it should come as no surprise that Caceres was named Spain's capital of gastronomy in 2015 as well as 1 of 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Extremadura. 


According to one tourism official, Cáceres' population sits at 95,855 and contains about 250 restaurants serving dishes ranging from Spanish classics to uniquely modern dishes with a twist.

Here, the black Iberian pig, which plays an integral role in Spanish cuisine, thrives among meadows of flowers and herbs that lend a distinctive taste to the famous Spanish sheep and goat cheeses. One of the most famous Iberian pig dishes is  Jamón Ibérico, an exquisite cured ham from black Iberian pigs. Although there are different types of Ibérico ham, also called pata negra, the finest, Jamón Ibérico Bellota Deshesa Extrmadura comes from pigs allowed to roam in a free range environment and feed on acorns. 


In the realm of cheese, highlights include the slightly salty and tangy Ibores cheese made from unpasteurized goat’s milk - along with the creamy, Torta del Casar, made with unpasteurized sheep’s milk and a thistle rennet.

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Perhaps one of the most unique food experiences comes from the church. Not only are local recipes handed down within the families, but some have been kept secret in the local monasteries and are recently beginning to be shared with the public - crafted by none other than the monestary's nuns. 


To order these delicious treats, one must enter the convent’s open door leading to a small room. From there, a menu and price list are posted on the wall and a microphone can be used to order. Once you have placed your money on the tray of the revolving window, the window turns and your sweets and change come back to you at the next turn.

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