Tossing Tomatoes In Bunol

Tossing Tomatoes In Bunol

Have you ever had the inclination to revive the fabled school lunch room food fight in your adult years? Well, if you happen to make your way to Spain in the late summer, your dreams just might come true. 


This past Wednesday, 20,000 Spaniards could be found tossing tomatoes at one another for Spain's Tomatina festival which was made possible by nearly 30,000 pounds of tomatoes. The World’s Biggest Food Fight” began at 11 a.m. local time with just over an hour of constant pelting.

While the splattering unfolds each year on the last Wednesday of August in Bunol, its origins remain unclear. The tradition dates back to the 1940s with some speculating that it was started by angry townspeople who hurled tomatoes at city councilmen, while others believe it was started by a food fight between friends. 

The now major tourist attraction has only become more popular (except for the 30 years under Francisco Franco, the Spanish dictator who banned it for lacking a religious connotation).

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