Victorious Vino

Victorious Vino

France, once known as the wine capital of the world, will now have to work to regain the top spot, according to a study released by the Spanish Observatory of Wine Markets. Spain now holds the title of the largest wine exporter in the world with 22.8 million hectolitres of sales in 2017. 


To be fair, its closest competitors, Italy with 21 million hectolitres & France with 15 million hectolitres are hot on the trail. As far as revenue is concerned, France still claims the lead with €9,000 million (followed by Italy with €6,000 million and Spain with €2,850 million).

This can be explained by the fact that Spain sells its produce very cheaply at 1.25 per liter, compared to France's €6 per litre & Italy's €2.78 which makes it the cheapest of all major wine exporters in the world. In fact, France is the biggest buyer of Spanish wines, purchasing it in bulk then re-bottling it and selling it on at a higher price as ‘vin table’.


The main challenge facing Spain is reducing the sale of cheap, mass-produced wine, which is flooding the market despite a lack of internal structures to deal with its distribution. Spanish wine enthusiasts are hopeful, pointing to the fact that in 2017 Spanish exports grew by 2.5% in volume and 7.6% in turnover, due to a price increase of 5% as well as the increased demand for Spanish wine in China, which ranks as Spain’s 5th largest wine market.

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