- Who We Are -

JP Linguistics is a language school for adults specializing in French, Italian, and Spanish Private Lessons, Group Classes, & Cultural Programs. Located in the heart of SOHO in New York City, JP Linguistics is the place for you to learn languages in innovative ways. Founded by Jean-Philippe Schmitt, a native speaker from Nancy, France, our company focuses on immersive and culturally-infused language lessons that address real-life scenarios and circumstances. Using the Communicative Approach, JP Linguistics will have you speaking the foreign language from the first lesson.


Jean-Philippe (or JP) quickly found his place in New York City after an extensive experience working for different institutions such as the French Institute Alliance Française and New York University. JP has an extensive education in Linguistics, specifically phonetics. He worked exclusively with the French Institute Alliance Française to develop the pedagogy behind a software called Speedlingua, which is aimed at naturally improving the pronunciation of language students. He has contributed to a number of books and articles, including a vital section to the book, Business Writing for Dummies, which explains how business professionals can help bridge the cultural gap in professional environments. As a teacher of French, he has worked with a wide variety students ranging from political leaders & business executives to entertainment industry professionals & lovers of foreign languages.

- Our Mission -

Since our launch in 2013, we have helped businesses and individuals take themselves abroad and improve their skills in, what we call, our 'Communicate Globally' initiative. We aim to enhance cultural awareness and strengthen people's foreign language skills. It is said that learning a foreign language improves critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of the mind! We don't just believe that, we promote that! We believe in a world where people can communicate accurately and, in doing so, strengthen business relationships and transactions, travel abroad more efficiently and more frequently, and improve the quality of people's lives through their communication skills. Our goal is not only to teach you the linguistics skills of speaking of foreign language, but also teach you how to fit in the foreign culture you really want to go visit. No more trying to communicate approximately, we want to teach you how to communicate accurately.

- What Students Say About Us -