Crypto Cash Dash

The cryptocurrency market in Spain has been growing exponentially over the past year. Due to the uprisings in Catalonia, some citizens are working with experts in Estonia to create a new digital currency for the region. Bareclona crytographers are reportedly taking advice from cryptocurrency expert Vitalik Buterin, founder of the platform, Etherium. However, one cryptocurrency in particular has struck a massive deal with a Spanish startup to make the it accessible as an investment for Spanish citizens.

The growing cryptocurrency, Dash, has signed a partnership with Spanish startup, Bitnovo, to bring the cryptocurrency to 10,000 retailers throughout Spain and will allow consumers to purchase Dash in stores through coupons. The company released a blog post stating:  “Dash is really fast and it has instant send which provides 10 confirmations under 1 minute. Dash also has low fees which actually allow to be used as digital cash.”


Bitnovo is a Spanish cryptocurrency startup that was founded in 2015 and operates an online platform for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in over 130 countries, allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrency using gift cards, prepaid cards, and more.

Fernando Gutierrez, Head of Legal at Dash stated:

 “This exciting partnership not only showcases our eagerness to bring Dash to consumers throughout Spain, but our pledge to eliminate the barriers to entering the crypto community."

Luis Vaello, CEO of Bitnovo stated “Partnering with Dash brings us one step closer to bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses, and having such a reputable name behind our brand further adds to our promise to push boundaries and drive the crypto-community forward...we strongly believe in the power of innovation and the possibilities new technologies have to transform the world we live in.”

Users can already convert Dash into euros and vice versa on Bitnovo which supports payment via debit and credit card, as well as via bank transfer (think of it as a European Coinbase if you happen to be familiar with the American crypto-trading app), however this partnership will allow those without expertise on crypto-technology to not only take advantage of Dash as an investment opportunity, but also of the benefits of the technology behind the coin.


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