Forward Thinking Spanish Jewelry: CHUS X CHUS


Forward Thinking Spanish Jewelry:


Spanish Designer, Chus Burés recently released his new brand, CHUS X CHUS, a forward-thinking jewelry line with a history of high design that is financially accessible.



For more than 30 years as a professional jeweler, Chus Burés has made a name for himself as a trendsetter and pioneering collaborator in the design world. Having worked with notable contemporary artists like Louise Bourgeois, Carmen Herrera, Miquel Barceló, and Santiago Sierra, and partnering with high fashion houses including Loewe, Agnés b., Maurizio Galante, and Akris.

He began his journey in jewelry as a teen in Barcelona by creating his initial pieces from scrap material eventually working his way to a commission from director Pedro Almodovar in 1985 to design a hairpin which was used as a lethal weapon in the film Matador. This launched Chus Burés onto the international market. 

Over the course of the next three decades, Burés built his brand not only as a designer, but adamant collaborator throughout Europe. His jewelry has been commended and worn by eminent members of the arts world across the globe including Paul Bowles, Zaha Hadid, Pierre Restany and Geraldine Chaplin and currently holds offices in Spain, the United States, and France.

With his new brand, CHUS X CHUS, Burés is welcoming millennials to a realm that may have been inaccessible in the past by crafting forward-thinking jewelry with a history of high design that is affordable.

At a recent exclusive event in NYC, Burés said that the primary objective of his new project is to "transcend style through generations, and breaking design barriers to provide high- quality artist designs that are anything but basic at affordable prices to the millennial and Gen Z.”


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