Getting Past the Musical Gatekeepers

Getting Past the Musical Gatekeepers

There is a new contender in the world of online platforms aimed to aid independent musical artists in bypassing the gatekeepers of the music industry.


For independent musicians, a variety of challenges often stand in the way of promoting their work. Fortunately, a new startup called Tunetrax offers a simple solution: one platform to act as an artist’s  hub for all web based outlets including website, social media management hub, and a direct line to connections in the music industry. 

Tunetrax aims for musicians to build successful careers through the use of one dashboard that helps musicians publish, distribute, and promote audio, among other things, automatically update their social media, and interact with and sell directly with fans. 

French entrepreneur, Rémi Jourdan witnessed the struggles of both the talent buying and musician perspective which prompted him developed this one-stop music platform. Everything is instantly shareable onto all the major social networks and helps the musicians connect with fans, agents, venues, and other industry figures. 

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