6 Floors of French Cuisine

San Francisco is putting French food on the map in one of the most innovative ways immaginable. James Beard and chef Claude Le Tohi’s new 6 floor restaurant ONE65, is set to open this coming fall.


ONE65 Patisserie has filled the first and second floors with classic French pastries as well as breakfast and lunch offerings. The third floor will house a casual California/French comfort food, and finally the ONE65 Lounge on floors five and six is the destination for cocktails, fine wine, and spirits, accompanied by fine dining.

Le Tohic left his role as executive chef of Joël Robuchon at the MGM Grand in 2016 after working to earn the restaurant 3 Michelin stars. He then joined the Alexander’s Steakhouse team in 2016 before landing a role in the all star team of ONE65. Le Tohic has designed the bistro’s kitchen entirely around induction cooking. “It’s very comfortable when you work,” meaning it doesn’t get too hot, “and it’s very precise.” This will be supplemented with a charcoal oven and grill which is known for perfectly circulating heat at scorching temperatures. From a front of house perspective, it is estimated that it will take nearly 150 people to effectively run the restaurant. However, a group of very hard working, state-of-the-art dumbwaiters will keep drinks and dishes flowing between all the floors. On the fourth floor lounge, the dumbwaiter will even open into the wine cellar so the team can use it to ferry bottles and glasses up and down.

As a guest, one can expect an evening of decadence starting immediately after embarking on the elevator to the second floor, which will be flooded by the scent and sight of nothing but chocolate. A glass-walled room will showcase the restaurant’s chocolatiers as they make over 24 types of bon bons. “Chocolate is something people like to see,” as Le Tohic says.

Be sure to check the official ONE65 Website as new developments are released.

We hope you've enjoyed learning about the newest exciting addition to the world of French cuisine in the states with 6 Floors of French Cuisine! Which floor are you most excited to visit? Join the conversation below and let us know!