Luce - Going Against the Norm

Luce - Going Against the Norm

Luce is a French Singer and Songwriter known best for going against the norm with her funky personality and eccentric fashion sense. Although she is lesser known in the states, Luce is widely recognized in French for winning the eighth series of the French music competition Nouvelle Star. Auditioning on a bet, this spur-the-moment decision turned out to be her claim to fame. She won over audiences and engaged a huge following over the course of the competition. Today, Luce continues to inspire her fans to go against the norm. Her newest album, Chaud, hit the top 100 charts for its spunky instrumentals and lyrics.

Image Credit: Damien Schmitt (

Image Credit: Damien Schmitt (

Born Lucie Brunet in Perpignan, France on January 28, 1990, Luce expressed her love for music by practicing the flute at a young age. However, she began pursing a different career entirely when preparing to study nursing in Montpellier. It was a last minute decision for her to audition for the TV talent show series, and it ultimately changed the course of her career. In 2011, she released her first album Première Phalange, and toured around Europe.

In recent years, Luce released her second album called Chaud in February of 2015, with the singles "Polka" and "Malibu" earning much recognition. This album put Luce back on the map for its funky instrumentals and vocals.

POLKA - Lyrics

I want to dance the polka
I want to dance it in your arms
I want to dance it right away
I want to dance every sequence

I want to dance the sequence
Even if I don't know the steps
I want to dance it, it's crazy
I want to dance it while following
Even if I don't know the pace
I want to enter in the dance

I could dance no matter what
Especially since it's with you

I know I have my clogs
Yes but I wear the hat
And if I can't stand up
I will dance it around your neck
Even if I am not on the list
I want to enter on the track


Je veux danser la polka
J'la veux danser dans tes bras
J'la veux danser tout de suite
J'la veux danser toute cuite

Je veux danser la polka
Même si je sais pas le pas
J'la veux danser, c'est fou
J'la veux danser tout d'ssous
Même si je suis pas la cadence
Je veux entrer dans la danse

J'pourrais danser n'importe quoi
Tant que c'est avec toi

Je sais j'ai mes gros sabots
Oui mais je porte le chapeau
Et si je tiens pas d'bout
J'la danserais à ton cou
Même si j'suis pas sur la liste
Je veux entrer sur la piste

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