Learn French at the Gym

Learn French at the Gym

While being physically active, try infusing these French verbs into your repetitive movements. It is the perfect time to infuse language learning as your brain is more expansive and cohesive during physical activity. In fact, there are a number of studies that prove the benefits of infused learning & physical active being combined together. So next time you grab your bright blue yoga mat, keep the following in mind and repeat, repeat, repeat. Namaste.

STEP 1: Getting To The Gym

We all know that one of the hardest parts of going to the gym is actually getting outside of our daily routines and repeatedly going. What you may not have thought of is that French could be the motivator to get you there! By infusing French into your gym workout, you can 'kill two birds with one stone' and learn a new language while being active. Try looking at the thoughts below and practice the French verbs every morning before your next session:

Thought #1 "I'm too tired to go to the gym"

While this may be true if you are like most New Yorkers who work 14-hours a day, any French person knows that being 'too tired' is not an excuse for avoiding staying slim and healthy. Thus, let's turn this frown-up-side-down with the verb 'must.' For example, I must go to the gym. Period. No excuses, just straight forward French thinking. The verb 'Must' in French is 'Droit.' Below is the conjugation of this verb along simple sentences to practice using it. Try saying the verb out loud, along with the audio recording below:


Je dois aller au sport. (I must go to the gym.)

Tu dois aller au sport. (You must go to the gym.)

Il/elle doit aller au sport. (He/She must go to the gym.)

Nous devons aller au sport / on doit aller au sport. (We must go to the gym.)

Vous devez aller au sport. (You (plural) must go to the gym.)

Ils /elles doivent aller au sport. (They must go to the gym.)


Let's continue to use this verb in a new way of thinking. For example 'I must get stronger,' 'I must lose weight,' 'I must stay active & healthy.' Take a look at these sentences below using the same conjunctions from above and practice them utilizing the audio recordings as a guide.

Thought #2: "I must get stronger"

Je dois devenir plus fort. (I must get stronger.)

Tu dois devenir plus fort. (You mush get stronger.)

Il/elle doit devenir plus fort(e). (He/She must get stronger.)

Nous devons devenir plus fort/On doit devenir plus fort. (We must get stronger.)

Vous devez devenir plus fort(e)s. (You (plural) must get stronger.)

Ils/elles doivent devenir plus fort(e)s. (They must get stronger.)


Thought #3: "I must lose weight"

Je dois perdre du poids. (I must lose weight.)

Tu dois perdre du poids. (You must lose weight.)

Il/elle doit perdre du poids. (He/She must lose weight.)

Nous devons perdre du poids. (We must lose weight.)

Vous devez perdre du poids. (You (plural) must lose weight.)

Ils/elles doivent perdre du poids. (They must lose weight.)


Thought #4: "I must stay active & healthy"

Je dois rester actif/active et en bonne santé. (I must stay active & healthy.)

Tu dois rester actif/active et en bonne santé. (You must stay active & healthy.)

Il/elle doit rester actif/active et en bonne santé. (He/She must stay active & healthy.)

Nous devons rester actifs/actives et en bonne santé / On doit rester actifs/actives et en bonne santé. (We must stay active & healthy.)

Vous devez rester actif/active et en bonne santé. (You (plural) must stay active & healthy.)

Ils/Elles doivent rester actifs/actives et en bonne santé. (They must stay active & healthy.)


STEP 2: YOU made it to THE GYM

Amazing! Now that you have forced yourself to go to the gym with the verb 'Droit,' let's kick it into high gear with some physical motions you might actually use while there like 'To Run,' 'To Lift' (weights), 'To Sweat,' and 'To Stretch.' To keep things simple, we will speak in the present tense and will use the same sentence for each verb for practice. Try memorizing the conjugations for each verb by saying them out loud using the sentences below. When you are at the gym in real life, say these sentences to yourself as practice. Ready, Set, GO!


Je cours. (I am running.)

Tu cours. (You are running.)

Il/Elle court. (He/She is running.)

Nous courons / On court. (We are running.)

Vous courez. (You (plural) are running.)

Ils /elles courent. (They are running.



Je pousse des poids. (I am lifting weights.)

Tu pousses des poids. (You are lifting weights.)

Il /Elle pousse des poids. (He/She is lifting weights.)

Nous poussons des poids / On pousse des poids. (We are lifting weights.)

Vous poussez des poids. (You (plural) are lifting weights.)

Ils / Elles poussent des poids. (They are lifting weights.)



Je transpire. (I am sweating.)

Tu transpires. (You are sweating.)

Il/Elle transpire. (He/She is sweating.)

Nous transpirons / On  transpire. (We are sweating.)

Vous transpirez. (You (plural) are sweating.)

Ils /Elles transpirent. (They are sweating.)



Je m'étire. (I am stretching.)

Tu t'étires. (You are stretching)

Il /Elle S'étire. (He/She is stretching.)

Nous nous étirons / On s'étire. (We are stretching.)

Vous vous étirez. (You (plural) are stretching.)

Ils/Elles s'étirent. (They are stretching.)


STEP 3: you had a great workout

Now that you made it through an amazing workout, you are feeling proud and happy for the healthy decisions you made. At this point you are ready for a quick shower and to head back home/apartment for a relaxing moment and possibly even a snack. Some congratulatory phrases you use to reward yourself are "I did it!" and "I am the best!" From these phrases come the verbs "To Do," and "To Be." Take a look at them below and use the audio to practice each sentence. Next time you complete a workout, make sure to say these positive phrases to yourself for all of your handwork. Heck, just for making it all the way through this article, you should say them all to yourself after practicing a few times through. Keep up the good work!


J'ai réussi! (I did it!)

Tu as réussi! (You did it!)

Il /Elle a réussi! (He/She did it!)

Nous avons réussi! / On a réussi! (We did it!)

Vous avez réussi! (You (plural) did it!)

Ils / Elles ont réussi! (They did it!)



Je suis le/la meilleur(e)! (I am the best!)

Tu es le/la meilleur(e)! (You are the best!)

Il /Elle est le/la meilleur(e)! (He/She is the best!)

Nous sommes les meilleur(e)s! / On est les meilleur(es)! (We are the best!)

Vous êtes les meilleur(e)s! (You (plural) are the best!)

Ils /Elles sont les meilleur(e)s! (They are the best!)


Congratulations on all of your handwork! You made it through the Learn French at the Gym. Just like physical activity, you need to continue to excise your brain. By incorporation these exercises into your workout routine, you'll be expanding your French knowledge in a great way. Do your best to memorize these verbs and say them over and over while doing different activities. You will thank yourself next time you travel to France! For more tips and useful French instruction or to register for Private Lessons or Group Classes, visit the JP Linguistics website HERE!