The Most Realistic Vegan Entree In The World

Foods For Tomorrow, a Spanish based vegan food producer, aims to change people’s perception of plant-based meat with its newest offering:  vegan chicken - Heura.

Since its 2017 launch, Foods For Tomorrow has become a hit among Spanish residents looking to reduce their meat consumption and the company’s marketing director, Bernat Añaños, has stated that the mission of Foods For Tomorrow is to “democratize the meat category.”

He added, “Without options there is no freedom, so we want to set the freedom of choice in the supermarkets for our customers” and argues that that the brand’s meatless chicken could be “meat’s successor.”

Photo:  ViaEmpresa

Photo: ViaEmpresa

While the company’s overarching mission is to “revolutionize the food system,” according to Añaños, it first plans to expand its availability in SpainIt wants to be “a maximum of 10 km away from each customer at any one time.

Foods for Tomorrow isn’t the only one in the game though. A competitor, NovaMeat created a 3D-printed vegan steak while the Israeli company,  JetEat is researching 3D-printing as a method of creating plant-based meat. Both of these companies have kept their processes tightly under wraps, but hopefully soon, the public will get the chance to see the fruits of their labors as JetEat founder, Eshchar Ben-Shitrit has stated that “Somewhere in the second half of 2020, our products will be rolled out more widely in restaurants and butchers who embrace the future of meat as being more than just an animal product.

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