Second-Hand Spanish Startup

Second-Hand Spanish Startup

Thanks to environmentally conscious young buyers, fast fashion is being rejected in Latin America. Impressively, one startup is jumping into the market to help people recycle used clothing.

GoTrendier, a Spanish platform that lets users buy and sell secondhand clothing has raised $3.5 million and investors are eyeing the startup as the digital fashion marketplace growth leader in Spanish-speaking countries. 

Founder, Belén Cabido, plans to use  the new capital to allow GoTrendier to expand deeper into Mexico and Colombia, and launch in a new country - Chile. 

It works like this. GoTrendier enables users to buy and sell used items through the GoTrendier site and app. The platform categorizes users as either salespeople or buyers. Salespeople create their own stores by uploading photos of garments along with a description and sale price. Buyers browse the platform for deals and once a buyer bites, the seller is given a prepaid shipping label.

GoTrendier has amassed a user base of 1.3 million buyers and sellers throughout its four years of existence. The service operates in Mexico and Colombia, and will use its newest capital to launch in Chile. 

Many have remarked that Latin America’s tech scene is filled with copycats — or companies that emulate the business models of American or European startups and bring the same service to their home market, but a 2018 report from ThredUp has stated that the size of the global secondhand market is set to hit $41 billion by 2022, so this seems like the perfect time to strike for GoTrendier.

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