Bizarre Fashion With Balenciaga

Bizarre Fashion With Balenciaga

The fashion industry is well known for composing outfits that may not make sense to the average consumer. However, the Spanish fashion company, Balenciaga may have come up with the most absurd article of clothing produced this year.

 Balenciaga’s “T-shirt Shirt” is part of the luxury’s fashion house’s Fall ‘18 collection. Essentially it’s a T-shirt with a shirt draped on top of it, and it can be yours for only just $1,290. If you’re not already frantically searching for the website to purchase, just remember: you’re getting a T-shirt and a shirt, it’s basically buy one get one free. 

(insert cry-laughing emoji followed by actual crying emoji).

Photo: Balenciaga

Photo: Balenciaga

It may come as a surprise, but Balenciaga are the masters of selling somewhat (if not extremely) odd clothing at astronomical prices. After creative director Demna Gvasalia took the helm of the Spanish fashion brand, they have created many viral pieces.

Photo:  Balenciaga  &  Ikea

Photo: Balenciaga & Ikea

Who could forget the  $2,000 Ikea-inspired bag made waves online last year. Even Ikea put out a tongue-in-cheek guide helping you tell a genuine Frakta bag from an imposter: “if it rustles, it’s real.”

Then there was Balenciaga x Crocs that were released at Paris Fashion Week last year. Despite costing $850, they sold out before they were even officially for sale. Don’t worry, we’re just as shocked as you are.

Trolling the entire fashion world seems to be working out well for Balenciaga as the chief executive of Kering said that Balenciaga was the fastest growing brand within its group which includes Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, and Gucci. This is due to millennials most of whom aren’t actually buying the more outlandish items but Balenciaga’s more down-to-earth designs like the  $395 leather wallet with “leather wallet” stamped on the front. Who would’ve guessed?

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