Español On Demand

Español On Demand

The popular Spanish-language channel, Univision will be launching an extension of Univision Now with content not only from the broadcaster’s programming library, but Viacom and BBC as a  subscription based video service. The service will cost $2.99 per month if you currently have access to cable TV. For access to live and on-demand content you pay only $8 per month, which is still cheaper than most current subscription based video platforms.


For those unfamiliar, Univision is an American Spanish-language broadcast television network that is owned by Univision Communications. The network's programming is aimed at Hispanic Americans and includes telenovelas, dramas, sportscasts, sitcoms, reality, news programming, and imported films.

Currently, Univision is headquartered in New York City and has its major studios, production facilities, and business operations based in Doral, Florida.

The original iteration of the branch debuted a few years ago to attempt to reach mobile device users, and according to Tonia O’Connor, CRO for Univision, “Since then, what we came to realize is that they (the customer base) can’t get enough of the content on an on-demand basis.” Also, “You should think of this as the Netflix for Spanish-language content. That is what we are building.” 


Univision is also planning to partner with multiple other online companies an social platforms such as: Facebook, Snapchat, & Netflix. For advertisers, Univision will unveil the ad suite: Aperture. This will allow for precision targeted data and will also include Campaign Builder: a self-serve programmatic ad platform designed to measure the impact of campaigns.

Currently the release date of this service is still TBA.

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