3 Must Try Spanish Tapas

3 Must Try Spanish Tapas

October 12th is Spanish National Day, and what better way is there to celebrate a culture than through its food? At the Una Fiesta, authentic dishes can be experienced by those who may not have the opportunity to explore the vast catalogue of Spanish cuisine in its home country. There you will find fish of the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay, meat from the Pyrenees and fresh vegetables from around the county. Spain’s cuisine is so varied by region that with just a little garlic, tomato, parsley, basil and onion, the culinary identity is recognizable regardless of the setting it is placed. 

Below are 3 must try signature dishes from this year’s festival:

Photo: TastingTable.com

Photo: TastingTable.com

Asparagus with Romesco:

A perfect starter for anyone new to Spanish cuisine, this simple, delicious grilled asparagus is paired with romesco (a Catalan tomato and mixed with nuts-based sauce) and drizzled with Spanish olive oil, with some basil and diced tomatoes


Patatas Bravas: 

These melt-in-the-mouth special confit potatoes are a classic Spanish tapa that feature fried chopped potatoes topped with a spicy aioli. If you’re a fan of American style French Fries, you will not only love these, you may never go back.


Ajo Blanco: 

This dish is a classic in every Spanish home. The dish consists of a chilled almond and white garlic soup. The soup is drizzled gently over the tuna and melon and topped with asparagus and basil leaves to truly capture the traditional Spanish flavor.

We hope you’ve enjoyed 3 must try Traditional Spanish Dishes! Planning a trip to experience this amazing cuisine in its home? Our culturally immersive group classes and native teachers will have you ordering with ease in no time! Click here to learn more.