3 Italian Inventions That Changed The World

3 Italian Inventions That Changed The World

Italy is known for giving birth to some of the most famous brands in modern times in all industries including, Ferrari, Versace, Moschino, Gucci, Prada, and Nutella. The food of Italy is also internationally famous with favorites including gelato, pizza, spaghetti, and a large variety of cheeses. However, there are a few inventions that are often overlooked that have influenced our lives more than all of these brands and products combined. Here are 3 Italian Inventions That Changed The World!


Roman Law

Roman Law is the foundation of all legal systems in Europe that followed it. Its foundations lie in classical Greek and Roman philosophy, but it was exported around Europe during the reign of the Roman Empire.

Its development roughly spans over a thousand years of jurisprudence, from the Twelve Tables (c. 449 BC) to the Corpus Juris Civilis (AD 529) ordered by Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I. 

Today it forms the basis of all civil law around the world, which is why it is argued that this is not only the most influential invention, but also the most important.

The Espresso Machine

The invention of the machine and the method that would lead to espresso is usually attributed to Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy, who was granted a patent in 1884 for “new steam machinery for the economic and instantaneous confection of coffee beverage.” Espresso has not only become a staple of nearly every citizen in Italy’s day, but is the basis of an entire coffee culture that has become a global phenomenon, with an enormous resurgence that began in the mid 2000s and is still prevalent today. 


The Battery

One of Italy's most recognized contributions to the world of technology was the first true battery. The Voltaic pile was devised by Italian physicist Alessandro Volta in around 1800 AD and was a stack of copper and zinc plates that were bathed in brine-soaked paper disks. Surprisingly. this rudimentary setup was able to produce a steady current for an extended period of time and has lead to what we now consider the modern battery.  

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