The Musical Growth of Tuscany Wine

The Musical Growth of Tuscany Wine

An Italian winemaker in Tuscany is helping his grapes grow by serenading them with classical music. 


Giancarlo Cignozzi started serenading his vineyards with the sounds of  Mozart 10 years ago and is finally seeing results.  He found the vines grew closer to the music and once they were in “earshot” grew larger.

He also found music scares away animals that eat the crops. The music confuses harmful bugs, making it harder for them to breed, and as a result, the vineyard uses little fertilizer and no pesticides.


The consumer electronics company "Bose" caught wind of the experiment and donated 72 speakers to help with the research. 

Giancarlo stands by his decision to play Mozart, but it has been argued that many other types of music, even heavy metal if it had enough bass will work in the same fashion to encourage growth among the plants.  

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