The Top 3 Italian Festivals To Attend This Year

The Top 3 Italian Festivals To Attend This Year

Italy has announced the official dates of some of it’s most popular festivals this year. While we highly encourage experiencing this beautiful country at any time of the year, we’d like to introduce a few festivals that would be worth planning a trip around!

Verona In Love

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The Valentines Day In Verona, Veneto could be the most romantic in the world. From the 11th-14th  of February, the setting of Romeo and Juliet, will be holding a celebration of romance with its streets and squares filled with live concerts and markets. Now in its 15th year, the famous festival of St Valentine’s Day  will illuminate the most charming views of the city including  the famous Juliet's balcony, Piazza dei Signori, the Lamberti Tower, the Old Market Courtyard. Hotels near the festivities book up quickly, so if you’re planning on making the trip, be sure to act sooner than later! 

Ciliegi In Fiore


Typically when cherry blossom festivals are mentioned, Japan would be the obvious option. For Americans, New York has become a popular destination to view the beautiful blossoms. However, Vigona, Emilia Romagna is famous for its cherry trees, and if you’re a fan of cherry blossom then you’ll want to visit in late March or early April as the trees bloom. In recent years, the cherry crop has suffered badly from excess rain, and screens have been put up to protect the trees, however they will be open for display during the festival. The town hosts a variety of  parades, concerts, exhibitions, special restaurant menus and various other activities to enjoy surrounding the blooming season, and it is not a sight that should be overlooked. 

Mille Miglia

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From May 15th - 18th in Brescia Rome, you can enjoy the most exciting race in Europe at Mille Miglia (Thousand Miles). The long-running  race attracts a plethora of vintage car lovers to Italy every year. A selection of vintage cars travel no-stop from Brescia to Rome and back, with crowds greeting them at numerous Italian towns along the way. ) Originially, it was an open-road, motorsport endurance race which took place from 1927 to 1957 and brought out an estimated five million spectators. From 1953 until 1957, the Mille Miglia was also a round of the World Sports Car Championship.

Since 1977, the "Mille Miglia" has been reborn as a regularity race for classic and vintage cars. The route (Brescia–Rome round trip) is similar to that of the original race with the point of departure/arrival in Viale Venezia in Brescia.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about The Top 3 Italian Festivals To Attend This Year! If you’re planning on making the trip, our culturally immersive group classes and native instructors can help make sure you’re able to enjoy the festivities to the fullest! Click below to learn more.