Blanketted Fashion

Blanketted Fashion

In recent years, the famous Italian fashion brand, Gucci, has gone under quite a few changes. Once one of the pillars of high fashion, it has now become extremely popular as a “streetwear” brand. From the release of the “Dapper Dan” collection to the hiking-inspired Flashtrek sneaker, the company’s initiative to reach out to those in the high-end “everyday effortless” market is apparent. 


The latest Gucci piece is sure to cater to those who wish to spend more time indoors than out with their release of a fully graphic blanket crafted from woven wool. It features the undeniable Gucci logo pattern with fringed ends which pair perfectly with the new home collection

Photo:  UpscaleHype

The all-over logo print has proved supremely popular this season. However, if you’re worried that a $1,750 Gucci blanket won’t get the exposure it absolutely needs, fall is right around the corner. Be sure to take a tip from world-renowned rapper, A$AP Rocky, and use it as a shawl. 

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