4 Must See Summer Cinema Experiences 

4 Must See Summer Cinema Experiences 

Looking for some unorthodox entertainment on your trip to Italy this summer? If you happen to be (or are traveling with) a cinephile, you are in luck! This summer, Italy will be hosting many outdoor cinema showings in some spectacular locations. We’ve put together a list of our top 4 screenings sure to entertain both the ardent movie lover and anyone that loves getting lost in beautiful scenery. 


Photo: photobeginner/ DepositPhotos

Photo: photobeginner/DepositPhotos

Once a place where the ancient Romans were entertained is now the site of a modern day gathering place for those who obsess over film. A number of both European and American releases will be available to view at the Arena Romana until July 31st.



Photo: timbrk/ Depositphotos

Photo: timbrk/Depositphotos

The seventh art joins the other six at the Uffizi Galleries in Florence. From June 25th to August 11th, one of Italy's most famous museums, the Uffizi Galleries, will open its courtyard to Apriti Cinema. This series will include 48 free screenings of films old and new from around the world, and while all of the showings are free, space will be limited.



Photo: Gabriel Bouys/AFP

Photo: Gabriel Bouys/AFP

Those daring to be entertained under the shadow of Mount Vesuvius will have until August 15th to attend nightly screenings in San Giorgio di Cremano at Cinema intorno al Vesuvio. This screening series will include family-friendly animated features, Hollywood hits, and features from Cannes Film Festival.



Photo: La Guarimba

Photo: La Guarimba

The beach resort of Amantea on Italy's south-west Calabrian coast will host the La Guarimba International Film Festival from August 7-11th. This four night event will include talks, tours, and short films from around the world. 

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