Returning to Italian Cafe Roots

Returning to Italian Cafe Roots

This year, Starbucks is planning to open its first store in Italy with a mixed reception from locals.


In a move that has provoked resistance from many locals, Starbucks will open a new cafe in the centre of Milan. While Italy is considered to be the birthplace of the modern coffee culture (as you read more about in our article, Evolution of Italian Espresso) the idea of Starbucks attempting to bring Frappuccinos to native Italians is causing a bit of a stir. 

While many would argue that the coffee culture remains unaffected by globalization in Italy, it’s safe to say that global coffee culture has been very affected by Italian coffees. The exportation of the espresso has been an astonishing success and now forms the basis of the majority of coffee drinks around the world, especially in the menu at Starbucks.

However, to the approval of skeptics, Starbucks’ new store is attempting to make a return to its origins in Italian coffee culture by having the shop accompanied by it’s own roastery. Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, has stated many times that having a shop in Italy has been an aspiration of his since he visited the country in the 1980s. 

Whether Starbucks will be accepted by the locals is yet to be seen, but it will, without a doubt shape the future of the Italian coffee experience.

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