A Superpower in Culture and Beauty

A Superpower in Culture and Beauty

Many of the world’s current superpowers have risen to prominence through military might, technological advances, and cultural contributions. While Italy may have had a hand in each, it is without question that the cultural contributions of its people have made the most lasting impression around the world.

While delivering the keynote address at the Italian Design Day ceremony, organized by the Italian embassy at the Msheireb Enrichment Centre, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Angelino Alfano announced that Italy is now a "superpower in culture and beauty." 


"Italy is a G7 country, but it is not the world's economic superpower. Italy is a Nato member but is not the military superpower. However, we are indeed a superpower, second to none, in culture and beauty, thanks to our design [and that] our country considers culture as the fourth pillar behind economic, social and environmental pillars." 

As you may remember in our previous article, ISTITUTO MARANGONI TAKES MIAMI, Italian fashion has a long and impressionable history around the world, but it is not only the design of the country's clothing that reigns supreme, but also it's natural beauty.  Italy currently holds the highest number of UNESCO cultural and natural sites (47 in a world list of 936) which draws more than 45 million visitors every year, making tourism the country's primary industry and accounting for 8.6% of it's GDP.  

In addition, Italy has been supporting archaeological, anthropological and ethnological missions abroad for a number of years. Not only are these ventures a contribution to the Italian science community, but have also created opportunities in the fields of archaeology, restoration and protection of cultural heritage. More importantly, it represents a commitment to push intercultural dialogue and development policies across the globe. 

In essence the reason why Alfano believes in his country's dedication to promoting beauty and design is because "Above all, design helps one to think of a better and more sustainable future. While being one the pillars of Italy's economic diplomacy, design also helps to be becoming creative and multi-faceted and eventually contributing to respecting ideas and differences. 
"With this awareness, Italy's economic diplomacy has been promoting a multidisciplinary and highly integrated strategy for the promotion of the Made in Italy concept,

Concluding his speech, Alfano stated: "Our aim is to develop new ideas, initiatives and joint projects by promoting an international debate on such issues as the link between design and sustainability." 

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