Italian American Baseball Family

Italian American Baseball Family

Roberto Angotti’s recently released documentary "Italian American Baseball Family" documents the journey of how Italian Americans "assimilated into popular culture through America's favorite pastime.” Angotti provides a look into the lives of Italians who arrived in America between 1880 and 1920 and their children who became infatuated with baseball - a sport as foreign as the country they had moved to. 


While covering the 2013 Classic, Angotti met many Italian American fans and former players including the famed Mike Piazza and Mike Scioscia and seeing the underdog Italian team take home the win inspired him to further delve into the history of Italian Americans in baseball.

The resulting film, Italian American Baseball Family, which features interviews with famous baseball heroes, including former LA Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, won the Russo Brothers Italian American Film Forum Award at the National Italian American Foundation’s 42nd Anniversary Gala in Washington, D.C. 

Lasorda’s commitment to the Dodgers which lead them to win World Series championships in 1981 and 1988 was moving not just as a Dodger fan, but as an Italian American. Angotti stated that he plans to make a series of Italian American baseball films and that he sees this first documentary as a way to educate young Italian Americans and others on the plight of Italian immigrants through the lens of the world of  baseball. 


“Not having an appreciation of your heritage is like an olive tree with no roots...Baseball is a part of mine.”

Listen below as Angotti provides a phone interview discussing his movie:

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