3 Italian Menswear Brands You Should Know

3 Italian Menswear Brands You Should Know

Italian fashion has been at the forefront of emerging talent and trends since the beginning. The luxury house staples still firmly hold their place, while other brands ranging from athletic-inspired to tailored-cut all play an important part in a man's wardrobe. Some brands focus on the staples, while others play up the trends to stay ahead. Here are 3 Italian Menswear Brands You Should Know right now to help boost up the sophistication of your wardrobe. We hope you enjoy!

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This brand embodies the spirit of the sixties having been founded by Ottavio and Rosita (business & life partners) who started Missoni in 1953. Based in Varese, 55 kilometers north of Milan, the classic zig zag knitwear is globally recognized and is now a forever trend staple. The family-run company keeps up its success by adding more channels, i.e. Missoni Home, as well as adapting to what the customer wants. The big focus for their menswear is the statement shirt; whether that be classic T style or a patchwork button down. A favorite touch to any outfit is the secret of the socks, and you can be assured they don't slack on accessories either.

Learn more and see new arrivals on their website www.missoni.com.
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Yes, you did read this correctly, Diesel is not that laid back California brand you though you knew. Headquartered in Breganze, Italy, Diesel's Founder, Ross Rozzo, originally started working for a manufacturer called Moltex. After two short years at the company, Rozzo bought 40% of their stock which eventually changed its brand name to Diesel. In 1985, Rozz purchased the remaining portions of stock to become the sole owner of the brand. His vision for this worldwide fashion house has been to embody the laid back California lifestyle through their creative department since 1978. Denim and casual-wear are their strong-suits, fit for the modern man. While jeans come to mind first, this brand excels in wardrobe pieces fit for all occasions; casual, night out and even work wear.

Learn more and see new arrivals on their website www.diesel.com.
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This company cares fondly about tradition which can be seen in the craftsmanship and design of all their garments. Founder, Luigi Bianchi Mantova, set up Primaria Sartoria Luigi Bianchi in 1911 with the aim of designing premium menswear suits and women's dresses. He was the first to start a global brand that would eventually pass through four generations. In 1920, the company abandoned womenswear to focus solely on tailoring mens goods. This passion lead to a scale of over 400 employees in 1936. The name LUBIAM was created as an acronym of the founders full name Luigi Bianchi Mantova. Their keen eye for details and tradition doesn't just lie in the cut of their fabric, it runs through their family-friendly ethics. They gladly provide flexible work hours and part-time options for their employees and have even opened up nursery for workers with families.

“We truly believe in family values,” states Edgardo Bianchi, Managing Director of LUBIAM, “this is why we want togive our employees substantial support in their everyday lives. We believe in solidarity and we hope to be an example to other firms similar to ours.”

Learn more and see new arrivals on their website www.lubiam.it.
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