Revolutionary Art & Free Bitcoins

Revolutionary Art & Free Bitcoins

A Paris based street artist has created a crypto-inspired masterpiece that has quite the hidden gift for those smart enough to find it. 


Pascal Boyart has hidden $1,000 worth of Bitcoin inside a new mural in Paris. The big catch is that it’s location is undisclosed. Inspired by the famous Eugène Delacroix artwork “La Liberté guidant le peuple” (Liberty leading the people) from the 19th century,  Boyart pays homage to the Gilet Jaunes, or Yellow Jackets (the French protest movement fighting for reprieve from an ever-increasing cost of living and what has been described as indifference of the current leader of France, Emmanuel Macron.

Photo:  L’Express

Boyart posted to Reddit stating that in order “to solve the puzzle you must be in front of the mural,” Foreigners need not fear as he has stated that possible to solve “part” of it even if you aren’t in France.

This piece is the latest in a series of prominent Bitcoin-infused artworks from Boyart, who has said that he plans to create a new mural every six months while using BTC donations to fund his work.

Thinking of getting in on the BTC cash grab?  You can track the status of the bounty through the Bitcoin address found here.  As of now, the prize has yet to be claimed. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how Boyart is creating thought provoking art while providing a monetary incentive with Revolutionary Art & Free Bitcoins! Planning to solve the puzzle yourself? Before you head to France, be sure to check out our culturally immersive group classes and private lessons to make your Bitcoin hunt as smooth as possible. Click below to learn more!