The Newest Language Learning App

The Newest Language Learning App

The French Ministry of Culture has just launched its a brand new application called ‘‘Romanica’‘ that features 8 Romanian languages on all mobile devices. The theme of the app includes greetings, time, travel and arts, and the central aspect of the game teaches that learning doesn’t have to be a daunting task as the languages are not very different.

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The French minister of culture, Franck Riester stated that “This game is a way of bringing together languages and cultures…(&) shows everything that unites us.”  Currently, the app is available for free on download platforms and partnership is expected to be formed between the game producers and the French Ministry of National Education. This would allow Romanica to be used in schools for learning languages thus making the languages more accessible to students earlier in life.


The initiative was praised by the Romanian Ambassador to France who welcomed this interest in languages via by mobile technology.

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