C'est Quoi Black Friday?

  C'est Quoi Black Friday?

This year, 6 French companies have joined to launch an event akin to America's 'Black Friday' 


Unlike the one day tradition in the United States that takes place the day after Thanksgiving, France's 'Black Friday' will occur from April 27th to May 1st. 

The six brands involved include:

 French fashion and home decor shop La Redoute, 




an entertainment and leisure based company



an online distributor of consumer computer and electronic products for individuals, administrations, and schools



and Showroomprivé,

an e-flash-sale store


One of the hopes of the organizers is to eventually create a nationwide event that proves that “French e-commerce is dynamic" according to CEO of Cdiscount, Emmanuel Grenier.

As one may expect, the larger goal is increased sales earlier in the year outside of the traditional winter and summer sales. In fact, "C'est Quoi Black Friday?" - What is Black Friday? -  has been the headline of many newspaper articles each November over the past few years in an attempt to explain the madness to the French.

France launched a version of Black Friday five years ago, but it took some time to catch on with the French public that are used to the traditional winter and summer sales periods. 

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