Sampling Goût de France

Sampling Goût de France

Now on it’s 4th year as a tradition, restaurants around the world will be joining forces to celebrate French cuisine by offering French-inspired meals as part of "Goût de France / Good France.” 



With 3000 chefs in attendance, Goût de France / Good France aims to unite all types of restaurants from around around the world. The first edition of the international event took place in 2015 soon after UNESCO placed the country’s "Repas gatsronomique des Français" on the World Intangible Heritage list.

Under the program, participating chefs give diners a unique "art de vivre" experience. Each menu will have the opportunity to add diversity to French gastronomy, as chefs are allowed to integrate quality produce from their own country to their menu proposals.

As stated by the official Gout de France website, the goal of the event is to:

"PROMOTE FRENCH TOURISM — in an effort to promote France, this one of a kind diner will take advantage of international visibility, and aim to send a strong message to the world, through dynamic and creative chefs. CARRY THE COLORS OF FRENCH CUISINE WITH PRIDE — it will send messages of strong added values: The message that French cuisine is CONTEMPORARY — Traditional French cuisine is not a dominion of the 21st century culinary scene. Participating chefs are encouraged to blend their own culinary culture to that of France, rather than discounting it. The message that French cuisine is EXCELLENCE — Healthy, Innovative, and Responsible: In addition to representing the heartiness associated with the pleasures of eating, food also becomes the symbol of France’s positive values. Healthy dishes prepared from fresh, seasonal, and local produce, with low fat, salt, and sugar content; Meals for everyone, from bistro to gourmet dining."

Participants  can expect quite the dining experience as each guest will have access to:

  • One traditional French aperitif : champagne and gougeres (stuffed or not) or - iced cognac with foie gras
  • One cold appetizer
  • One hot appetizer
  • One fish or shell-fish based course
  • One meat or poultry based course
  • One or a selection of French cheeses
  • One chocolate dessert
  • A selection of French wines
  • One French liqueur

For a full list of restaurants participating in the event, click below!

We hope you have enjoyed about how the world is Sampling Goût de France! Which is your favorite of the menu listings being offered at this delicious yearly event? Leave a comment below!