3 Must Try French Comfort Foods

3 Must Try French Comfort Foods

The French are known across the globe as the masters of decadent dishes. We’ve even highlighted the fact that there is no real French take out in our article “The Absence of French Takeout.”  While most American foodies are familiar with baguettes, croissants and crêpes, French cuisine spans much further. If you're planning a trip to France be sure not to skip these 3 must have dishes. 

Soupe Au Pistou

Soupe au pistou originates in Provence as an example of a vegetarian-friendly dish in the French cuisine. In its original form, the soup includes pancetta, but can be altered to be completely vegan while maintaining the flavors from the tomatoes, white beans, and pasta. Be sure to remember the cup of pistou (the French equivalent to pesto) at the end of the recipe before serving! 




Most Americans are familiar with the brunch standard, quiche, which is basically a pie made of fluffy eggs. Fortunately, French cuisine features many variations on this winning formula, such as flamiche - a French leek pie. Originating in Northern France, flamiche is comprised of a flaky crust (loaded with butter) and a filling that's stuffed with leeks and light on the egg. Unlike a quiche, the flamiche's crust covers the whole pie, so you’ll be able to savor the pastry in every bite.



Wine may be Bordeaux’s claim to fame, but the region also brought us the delightful custard-filled pastry bites known as canelés. The mini dessert found throughout France contains caramelized rum and vanilla and a soft, yielding, custardy interior and pairs exceptionally well with espresso or a café au lait.

We hope you’ve enjoyed 3 Must Try French Comfort Foods. Planning a trip to experience France in all of it’s culinary glory? Our culturally immersive classes and native instructors can help ensure that your meal is ordered with perfect precision! Click below to learn more.