Quick and Easy French Cuisine

Quick and Easy French Cuisine

If you frequent our Culture Blog, you may remember from “The Absence of French Take Out” that finding authentic French cuisine in a speedy package is no easy task, but this may all change for residents of Portland, Oregon. French Nutrition Coach, Laura Dubroca, has created French Fast Food: a new service that “provides customers with easy and delicious French dinner plans, recipes, and grocery lists with nutrition and flavor in mind.”


For those on the go, this is the solution for healthy meal planning that incorporates traditional French cooking techniques using fresh ingredients and recipes, and easy-to-follow steps. Think of it as France’s answer to Blue Apron if you will.

Fast French Food works as follows:

  • Every Thursday, customers that are participating in the program will receive a notification about the five dinner recipes that have been planned for the upcoming week. The five recipes will always include one vegetarian recipe, one extra-fast recipe, and nutrition advice from Laura herself. They will log in to their personal dashboard to access their recipes and printable grocery list.

  • Throughout the week, customers will use the easy-to-follow recipes to prepare simple, healthy, and delicious French meals. Each recipe includes a main dish and a side, a combination of herbs that can be used with each meal (to allow for less food waste), and seasonal vegetables and fruits. Recipes average 5-15 minutes of active cooking time, and can be finished and ready to eat within 10-45 minutes total.

Fast French Food provides the tools to create simple budget-friendly meals, and the knowledge for how to live a healthier lifestyle through cooking at home.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about how French Fast Food is helping people create Quick and Easy French Cuisine! What are your thoughts on this culinary breakthrough for lovers of French food? Join the conversation below!