Signing with SACEM

Signing with SACEM

SACEM - the French Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers of Music has recently signed a new deal with The Music Sales Group to take over digital licensing for portions of it’s catalog containing more than 120,000 works. The belief is that by expanding the society’s reach, it will be more effective in collecting royalties for their artists.


The agreement has been effective since July 1, 2018 in more than 130 territories across the globe.  It covers famous composers and musicians from the 1920’s through today and has worked extensively with independent publishers to assist in digital licensing across the world.  In 2018 alone, SACEM has linked up with PEN Music, The Music Goes Round Publishing, and IMPEL with The Music Sales Group joining as the latest high-profile partner.


CEO Jean-Noël Tronc has stated that he is pleased with the deal between the 2 companies and that the partnership has highlighted how SACEM has become an industry leader in multi-territory licensing.

“This partnership further cements SACEM’s industry position as the partner of choice for both international and independent music publishers.” - Jean-Noël Tronc

The SACEM organization has been advocating and collecting for musicians, composers, and songwriters since it was established in 1850. One year later, the professional union became a society (société civile) of authors, composers, and publishers who divided the author’s rights collected amongst the members, and this rule has been maintained to the present day.

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