3 French Menswear Brands You Should Know

3 French Menswear Brands You Should Know

While there are many fabulous menswear collections in the spotlight right now, there are 3 brands - French brands to be more precise - that we thought might spark your interest. As trends come and go, these 3 brands maintain their focus on staying true to the traditions of France while consciously producing their collections locally and environmentally-friendly.  We hope you enjoy!


Founded by Alexandre Guarnera in 1992, HOMECORE is a brand that quite literally represents the core of what home feels like to every individual.

"What we call HOME is more than a place, it's something you have in you, a kind of energy which is inside of all of us - CORES is the center of it - you can see it as you feel. My view is that HOMECORE is the energy that makes us what we are at the very moment when we decide by ourselves what we stand for." -Alexandre Guarnera (from 'Brand Focus' Q&A on selectism.com)

The brand started as one of the first Hip Hop clothing brands in France, but has since matured to offer casual after-work wear for men. A big focus for the brand is on reducing overconsumption. Their garments are carefully designed in France to be reworn season after season and they utilizing local fabrics and accessories wherever possible. Check out a few images from their lookbook below and see their new arrivals at www.homecore.com.

(All images credits: www.homecore.com)


Hailing from Biarritz, France this menswear brand focuses on enjoying the ocean while dressing in heritage style - blended with a French eclectic flair.  As shown in the images below the vests, for example, feature asymmetrical pockets sewn in different colors and fabrics. Little oddities used on classic items such as vests and tailored blazers really bring this brand its French flair. This also brings them to the forefront of fashion for mature men who want to look great while enjoying quality outdoor living. Check out the images below from their online lookbook and see updates to their collection via their website, www.legoiste.fr.

(All images credits: www.legoiste.fr)


Proudly, this brand produces 100% in France - including all aspects from design, patters, fabric, and manufacturing. The owner, Guillaume Gibault, had a dream to manufacture quality underwear in France and, since 2011, the company has expanded the collection to including shirts, socks, accessories and even a women's department. The quality is top notch and even better is the spirit behind the brand, which is quite hilarious. Ever wondered what makes a quality slip? Check out this funny VIDEO they made to explain it. See some samples of their garments below and check out their website for their latest product updates - www.leslipfrancais.fr.

(All images credits: www.leslipfrancais.fr)

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