Healthy Habits of French Cooking

Healthy Habits of French Cooking

There are a number of habits that the French keep on a daily basis to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, from daily trips to the food market to eating smaller portions. French people have a great understanding of a well-balanced diet! With that, we hope you enjoy reading 6 Healthy Habits of French Cooking below! Bonne Santé!

Loaf of French Bread

1. The French find pleasure in their meals

There is no such thing as 'fearing' what you eat in France because, culturally, the French take pleasure in their culinary experiences. Food textures, wine 'notes,' and wafting smells of French ingredients are common topics of conversation over the dinner table.

Sitting with a friend or a loved one and sharing a meal together that looks and tastes great is truly the joie de vivre in France. Et voila! Now you know the ultimate secret to eating like a French person...enjoy every minute of it!

2. Daily shopping at the market

Having fresh ingredients is a must for French people. Unlike the United States, there isn't a huge issue of chemically-induced, processed foods. They can thank their government for that because of strict laws and policies for food distributors and farmers. Even without the laws, shopping at the market with a French person isn't about filling up the shopping cart with boxes of macaroni and cheese or frozen dinners. Rather, it is a thoughtful process of grabbing essential ingredients which are used to make meals from scratch. Also, instead of going to the grocery store once a week to fill up the pantry, French people go daily to the supermarket to make smaller purchases for the essentials (like a french baguette or a few fresh tomatoes). Fresh food is best obtained by daily shopping.

3. Meals are separated into courses

A proper French meal can easily add up to about 6-courses. That's because each plate is something to appreciate and pay attention to. Having a TV on in the background or a laptop open on the table while eating would be quite shocking in France. Instead, French people separate the meal into courses to appreciate the flavors and ingredients while allowing for proper digestion before moving on to the next plate. This is also why a 6-course meal sometimes lasts about 6 hours long!

4. The French menu includes organ meats

That's right, popular items like Liver Paté are top on the list of French food items for a reason. Why you ask? To start, they are nutrient-dense. The paté, for example, is typically made of liver, egg yolks, and cream or butter. This provides the B vitamins and minerals from the liver and the fat-soluble vitamins found in eggs yolks and dairy. Other common organ meats include brains, tripe, kidneys, heart, and tongue. This is not only a part of the traditional French diet for nutrition and flavor, these items are typically inexpensive and help stretch the grocery budget.

5. Variety is a key element of surprise

Instead of being hyper-focused on the calorie count in food items, French people find pleasure in the food varieties at the supermarket. For example, the variety of greens in the lettuce section or the hundreds of cheeses in the cheese department. This excitement is something that can brings new flavor and variation to each meal.

French appetizer with salmon and herb cream

French appetizer with salmon and herb cream

6. Small Portions

The popular phrase 'less is more' is key here. Instead of filling a plate with massive portions of food, French people plate a pleasurable and delicious amount to savor during each course. Because of appropriate portion sizes, the French feel zero guilt for divulging in their favorite sugary delights.

We hope you enjoyed reading Healthy Habits of French Cooking! Do Have any additional tips you want to add? Leave them in the comment's section below. If you would like to learn more about French language and culture, check out our Group Classes and Private Lessons at JP Linguistics by clicking here. Merci et à bientôt!