Frightfully French - Tips For A French-Inspired Halloween

Frightfully French - Tips For A French-Inspired Halloween

Mummy's Alive! This Halloween (or 'A lo ween' - as the French say), we are bringing you tons of useful tips to create a French-inspired Halloween celebration. It is so exciting to dress up and enjoy the U.S. traditions during Halloween because, in France, 'A lo ween' is not a very big holiday. Instead, the French prefer to celebrate La Toussaint or All Saints Day on November 1st in which families visit the cemeteries of their loved ones to honor and clean up their tombstones. On these days, there is no dressing up or watching horror films, so we're taking the American traditions and putting our French spin on them. Keep scrolling to check out some delicious French-inspired recipes, horror flicks, and more. Frightfully French - Tips For A French-Inspired Halloween is not for the faint of heart. Keep reading...if you dare!

Halloween inspired French table

French-Inspired Recipes

Looking for some delicious treats to wow your Halloween visitors? Click the recipes below for full instructions & necessary ingredients ...

French Horror Films

In the mood for a French scare? Check out the horror films below and beware. Just a click on any of the images below will lead to the movie trailer for each film... 

Creepy Activities in Paris

Haunted houses are not a popular activity in France so, instead, Halloween enthusiasts venture to creepy businesses in Paris. These are 4 favorites...

French-inspired phrases and halloween terms

- Le trente et un Octobre - 31st of October

- Friandises ou bêtises/Des bonbons ou un sort - Trick or Treat

- Se déguiser (en) - To wear a costume, to dress-up as

- Avoir peurTo be scared

- Un costume/Un déguisement - A costume

Une momie - A mummy

- Des bonbons - Candies  

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