Spanish classes in New York

JP Linguistics offers first-class Spanish lessons, held in a cozy setting, that will have you speaking Spanish from the first session! What makes our lessons so unique?

- Teaching Methods That Really Work -
Our students experience incredible results and are immersed into the Spanish & Latin American cultures. We use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages so our students can accurately plan their future to fluency while staying on a goal-oriented program. We also focus on the ‘Communicative & Task-Based Approach’ to teaching.

- Expert Native Instructors -
There isn’t a more authentic way to learn Spanish than from a Native Spanish Instructor. It’s that simple. All of our instructors are native speakers that come with years of teaching experience and authentic cultural insights. They also offer unique perspectives of living and working in the U.S. alongside other Americans. Their experiences allow for them to translate and create a relatable lesson plan for Americans.

- Free Placement Testing -
Our FREE Placement Testing is an online evaluation that evaluates incoming student’s  proficiency to ensure they enroll in a class that matches their level. No student gets left behind because of this, and they are appropriately placed so no group gets weighed down.


Group Classes
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5-week & 8-week options.

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Explore situation-focused sessions, ideal for travel
and skill development.

A Spanish speaking community awaits with Group Classes + Workshops at JP Linguistics. Our friendly native instructors serve as your guide on the journey to fluency, bringing with them engaging educational tips and tricks to learning Spanish. Our Group Classes + Workshops consist of up to 6 students per class, so you are given individual attention within a unique group setting.

Our group classes offer an immersive, goal-oriented approach that provide the tools to succeed from day one. Our levels range from complete beginners (A Level) to expert students (C Level). Group classes meet in the evenings for ease of scheduling, allowing your night to be filled with fun cultural & linguistic activities.

Our Workshops offer 1-day, situation-based sessions perfect for:

  • preparing for a trip abroad

  • polishing conversation skills with business colleagues

  • preparing for in-laws visit

  • surprising your significant other

  • industry specific language

Intensive Classes

Intensive Schedule

Special Offer until September 6th (Only $485)

Welcome to our Fast Track Program!

Take your Spanish to a whole new level with our Fast Track Program. These intensive classes are designed to offer you the possibility to complete a full Spanish Level in 1 week instead of our regular 5 or 8 weeks.

Whether you are interested in completing level 1, 2, or 3, or to finish the entire A1 level (Spanish 1, 2, and 3) to advance your language skills, this program is made for you.

Our friendly native instructors serve as your guide on the journey to fluency, bringing with them engaging educational tips and tricks to learning Spanish. Our Fast Track Program consists of up to 6 students per class, so you are given individual attention within a unique group setting with Daytime and Evening options

The Fast Track Program also includes access to videos resources & vocabulary exercices for an immersive & authentic Spanish exposure outside the classroom.

Books Included in the price of the class.

Private Lessons
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Host lessons from the convenience of your NYC
living room or office.

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Have lessons in our cozy classrooms at 154 Grand Street.

People looking for a more tailored approach to learning Spanish love our private lessons! These sessions are highly effective and they efficiently address your goals while keeping class material fun and dynamic. 

We understand the pressure of a busy lifestyle, so we ensure that our lessons are conveniently scheduled to match your availability.  You then also have the option to choose where lessons are held: at your home or office within Manhattan -OR- in our classroom in SoHo.  Our native instructors provide the most effective methods to learn a language & reach your goals with support for a successful experience. 

Interested in Tutoring or Preparing for a special exam? Send us an email to get pricing at

Online Lessons
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The most convenient way of having Private Lessons with our native instructors anywhere in the world.




We Are Caring & Inclusive

We provide a welcoming language and culture experience alongside taking pride in fostering a welcoming environment for our diverse range of students. That’s why we became an LGBT-Certified company 3 years ago through the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. We hope all students, from all unique backgrounds, feel at home in our classrooms.


Find Us At WeWork

We are nestled inside one of the leading innovative networking communities in the world, WeWork! Inside each classroom, you will find a cozy space that can be accompanied by a warm cup of tea!


Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

We are humbled by the 5-star reviews our students have left for us on Yelp! and Google. We are also thrilled to have been featured in publications such as France-Amérique, WCBS NewsRadio, The Daily Beast, Business Writing for Dummies and more!

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