Private Language Lessons - New York City

Private Language Lessons are available for people who are looking to get a more tailored approach in the languages that we offer. it is a highly effective way to learn the language as fast as possible. This option will allow you to receive a tailored curriculum that will fully and efficiently respond to your goals while keeping the lessons fun, exciting and very dynamic, thanks to our expert native instructors.

- Flexible Schedule -

We know that you have a crazy, busy schedule and we are very excited that you chose to take the steps to learn a foreign language. Once you fill out our in-depth questionnaire, we will match you with one of our instructors who will be able to accommodate your schedule.

Yes, it also includes weekends!

- Tailored Curriculum -

Whether you are getting ready for a language exam, a hike around South America, or a lovely trip to the wine regions of Europe, our instructors will provide you with the most effective ways to learn the language & reach your goals.

Let us know what you want to accomplish and we will guide you all the way. All of our instructors are trained and experienced in the language that they teach.

Trust us, they are pros.

- personable approach -

We think that it is very important for you to feel confortable with your instructor. Our approach is based on you. We evaluate all the factors around your needs, your way of learning, your goals, your time outside. We provide you with all the necessary support for a successful language learning experience.

- Check US OUT -

JP Linguistics provides lessons taught by native instructors who are eager and excited to bring their language and culture our students. We've scoured New York City for the best and brightest and we've been praised on sites like Yelp for our lessons. Come, give us a try!

- Some helpful FAQ'S -

Where are lessons held? . . .

You can choose the option of having your class in our SoHo location (onsite) or at your home or office (offsite). Our SoHo office is located at the corner of Grand street and Lafayette in the very first WeWork Building. There is complimentary flavored water, coffee and tea. Prefer to meet at your location? No problem. Our instructors will travel to your home or Office location within Manhattan. We value the fact that you will welcome us to your place by lowering the price of Offsite lessons.

What should I expect from private lessons? . . .

Fun, indivudialized language instruction! Private Lessons are meant to be focused on your needs and expectations. Be ready to speak the foreign langauge during the first class as our instruction is done in the foreign language. Do not be afraid, you will be able to follow. You know more than you think! Our instructors will tailor lessons to match your goals (for example: ordering at a restaurant, preparing to ask for directions, discovering local traditions, etc) all to bring you to the ultimate goal: "fluency".

How much does it cost for 2 people? . . .

Sharing is caring, right? You can choose a semi-private option where you share the lessons with a friend or a loved one. There is no extra cost to the price per hour. Check our pricing HERE.

how often do we meet for lessons? . . .

Lessons can meet when you want for however long you want. The minimum for private lessons is 1 hour. We recommend you to have 1 to 3 hours per week, but no more than 2 hours per session. Ideally, you would be able to dedicate 1.5 hours of your time, twice a week.

What languages do you offer? . . .

We offer French, Italian & Spanish private lessons.