Renting En Italiano

Renting En Italiano

Thinking of renting an apartment  (appartamento) in the beautiful country of Italy? As you may have read in our previous article, Italian Casa : Caffè Price, there is an increased interest in living in Bel paese amongst foreigners. If the thought of living, and specicfically renting in Italy peaks your interest, we’d love to walk you through a few terms that will make navigating the process much easier!


First, we’ll review a few different types of contracts (contratti) that you may encounter. The process is different for a student compared to someone hoping to stay longer-term. These long-term contracts are called 'contratti di libero mercato' or in English, free market contracts, which usually last 4 years (if you find that you’d like to renew, you will generally be given the option of another 4 years). ‘Contratti concertati' (mutually agreed contracts) can be used for 3 years as a residential contract (uso abitativo) and also covers temporary use (uso transitorio) at a period of 1 to 18 months. 

You should plan to see the term for a landlord (il/la locatore) in your contratti. While you may rent directly from the landlord, it is also advisable to go through a leasing agent (agente immobiliare). 

Ok, so you’re ready to sign your contract, but what type of living situation do you want?

A studio? (un monolocale)

A double room? (un bilocale)

A triple room? (un trilocale)

Regardless of your style of housing, be sure to check the floorplan (la pianta del piano) to see what's included (such as a kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) and be weary of  truffe (scams), particularly those that ask for a deposit in cash (in contanti). Most importantly, never pay before signing the contract and getting the keys (le chiavi) to the apartment. 

Don’t be afraid to ask if the rent is negotiable (trattabile)! You may end up saving as you navigate how to pay for utilities (utenze) as well as additional service charges (spese condominiali). Once you're happy with everything, the only thing left to do is sign (firmare) and begin preparing for the move (il trasloco)! 


We hope you've enjoyed learning about Renting En Italiano! Want to make the process even easier?! Our immersive group classes taught by native instructors will help you not only breeze through the linguistic aspect of the renting process, but help you understand where you would be best suited to live based your desires of the cultural landscape!