HANDICAP ACCESSIBILITY: Unfortunately, there is not a wheelchair ramp available to bring a disabled guest to the actual Gondola or boating area. However, if that person is able to escort themselves or have a guardian/assistance to help them into the boat without the use of a ramp, then that guest will be able to ride in the Gondola. We do not provide a service to assist disabled guests to the Gondola. The Loeb Boathouse restaurant is handicap accessible, however.

PLACEMENT TESTS: Because the Italian lesson is intended as an ‘Immersion’ experience, we have decided to forgo the placement testing and all Beginner Level classes will be automatically enrolled in the Beginner Level - ‘A1’ - using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the Advanced level ‘Conversation’ class will be held at the Expert Level - ‘C1.’ For the Advanced ‘Conversation,’ the instructor will offer a ‘fluid’ teaching method which relates to the specific needs of the participants per session. This means that some students might find the lesson to be more or less difficult depending on their current level. This format relates to the purpose of students being ‘Immersed’ into the language which challenges them to learn outside their Level boundaries or be reminded of current structures they have already learned.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All Gondola Rides and Italian Lessons are based as ‘Weather Permitting.’ We hold the responsibility to inform all students enrolled in classes THE DAY OF (around 3PM EST) if any cancellations occur due to weather. In this case, students will be offered a credit towards a future Gondola Ride/Lesson and not a direct refund. All sales are final. If cancellation is requested, all inquiries must be made 48 hours in advance so we can switch the booking to a future date otherwise your ‘seat’ will remain as originally scheduled. All reservations are made 48 hours in advance (for example, the Thursday 7pm Session must be booked by Tuesday at 7pm). Therefor, we require all bookings to be made AT LEAST 48 hours in advance and all participant must have paid in full before that time. Any customer who does not show up, will not be offered a refund or exchange. Also, customers are encouraged to arrive 15minutes in advance before the scheduled Gondola departure time (there is no waiting for late arrivals and no refunds for late arrivals).

SPECIAL OFFER: For GROUPS of 5 people (who purchase together as a group of 5 at check out) will receive a 10% discount on the total amount.  Please mention this special offer by calling our business number 646-759-4968 and we will proceed with check out information.  

PLEASE NOTE: Dress appropriately for the weather and the Gondola (high heels might be difficult, wear sunscreen if sunny etc). Also, students should bring appropriate note taking materials for the Italian Lesson (pen and paper, iPad, etc). We welcome the use of cameras and flash photography, however video taping is not allowed and iphones or cameras using video taping will be confiscated if used during the Italian Lesson. Students are welcome to bring bottled water on the Gondola and wine will be provided to 21+.

DIRECTIONS: The gondola is location at the Loeb Boathouse Boat Rental dock located in Central Park. There is a shuttle service from 5th Avenue to the Loeb Boathouse (Gondola location) if strolling through Central Park is not ideal. Please visit The Loeb Boathouse website for further information regarding the shuttle and directions (http://www.thecentralparkboathouse.com/contact-directions.php). Also, The Loeb Boathouse offers fabulous dining options for before or after the Italian Lesson. If interested, visit their website for reservation information and menu options.

QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/CONCERNS: May be directed by e-mail to thomas@jplinguistics.com or by calling our office number at 646-759-4968