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Perhaps you are a busy entrepreneur, an on-the-go creative, or a curious life-long-learner who needs to learn a foreign language (it has been on your bucket list for as long as you can remember, but you don't have the time. Yep! We've heard that one before.). You've tried language APPS, but your interest quickly faded and you're nervous about committing to in-person lessons each week because of your schedule and financial restrictions. Fret not, our Online Language Lessons are your ideal solution. Our native instructors will work with you to arrange for weekly lessons that are convenient, fun and affordable (we offer language packages to help you save on costs).


JP Linguistics provides lessons taught by native instructors who are eager and excited to bring their language and culture our students. We've scoured New York City for the best and brightest and we've been praised on sites like Yelp for our lessons. Come, give us a try!

- Some helpful FAQ'S -

How does it work? . . .

Online Language Lessons are made to help you learn on the go. We use an online platform, similar to Skype so you can take your instructor with you, wherever you are (all you need is a steady Wifi connection and your mobile device, computer, or tablet)! To get started, register HERE for an appointment online. You will receive a confirmation email which confirms you enrollment. We will match you with one of our native instructors, most appropriate for the time you requested & your level. Voilà! you will be all set. After your first lesson, you can just sign in, purchase and repeat!

Who is my instructor? . . .

At JP Linguistics all instructors are native speakers. We will pair you with one of our experts based on the language you chose. All of our instructors have a minimum of a Master's Degree (some even have a PhD) and at least 3 years of experience in teaching a foreign language. The instructor will meet with you online & tailor the lessons to your needs and expectations. They can even help you prepare for your next meeting or project!

How much does it cost? . . .

Prices for Online Language Lessons are on a per hour basis. We offer language packages in which the pricing varies depending on the amount of hours you decide to purchase. You can find our pricing chart HERE.