For every student you refer to our program, you receive 1 Referral Tag (10% refund). This refund is applied to your most recent class with JP Linguistics and only when your friend (must be a new student) registers for a Group Class, Private Lessons, or Tutoring with JP Linguistics. Your friend will also save 10% on their first program. Collect 10 Referral Tags (refer 10 friends) and your most recent class is FREE!

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You must have taken at least 1 Group Class -OR- Private Lesson & Tutoring Package to receive a Referral Tag.
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You must be a current student with JP Linguistics or a student who has completed AT LEAST 1 Group Class, Private Lesson Package, or Tutoring Package if you would like to refer a friend (must be a NEW STUDENT not previously enrolled in our programs). You may only receive a Referral Tag for referring a friend enrolling in the same program as you. For instance, if you have taken a Group Class with JP Linguistics, you may refer a friend enrolling in Group Classes. In this case, you shall receive a 10% refund from a Group Class price and your friend will receive 10% off a Group Class they are enrolling for. You may NOT, for instance, be enrolled in Private Lessons, refer a friend enrolling in Group Classes, and receive a 10% refund on your Private Lessons Language Package. You will receive a Referral Tag (10% refund) on your MOST RECENT class after your friend has completed his/her class registration enrolling in the same program as you.
Referral Tags will not be granted for Special Programs, Translation Services, and Test Preparation.
Your friend must be a NEW student who has never taken classes at JP Linguistics. Your friend will save 10% on his/her Group Class, Private Lessons Language Package, or Tutoring Language Package. Before your friend enrolls for classes, they should contact -OR- call 646-759-4968 and mention the program they wish to enroll for and your name. We will assist in applying the discount for your friend at that point. You friend will be able to enroll over the phone or via online after they contact us. 
Collect 10 Referral Tags (Refer 10 friends) and your most recent class is FREE! 
Complete the form above once for each friend you wish to refer to JP Linguistics. A Referral Tag (10% refund) will be issued to your most recent class each time one of your referred friends registers for a JP Linguistics class within the same program as you.
Each referral is valid for three months. Your friend must register within three months of your submitted form. You may refer the friend again provided they have never taken a class at JP Linguistics.