French Class NYC, 103 Intensive 2 week

MON-FRI 6:30PM - 8:30PM

(MEETS daily (MON-FRI) for 2 consecutive weeks - STARTS JUne 27th, 2016)

YOU WILL LEARN to talk about cities, describe them, and compare them! You will learn how to
describe objects and people and tell a story about them using the past tense. You will learn how to understand and give
instructions as well as express agreement and disagreement. You will also spend time learning how to write proper emails and correspondence along with how to express your opinion about a project. In the last part of the class, you will learn how to talk about your environment and express your unhappiness about something or someone as well as how to encourage someone to do something. This class is the last class for the A1 Level in French!

COST = $380