Who We Are

JP Linguistics is a language company specializing in teaching French, Italian, and Spanish. Located in the heart of SoHo, JP Linguistics is the place for you to learn languages in a different way. Founded by Jean-Philippe Schmitt, a native speaker from Nancy, France, Jean-Philippe (or JP) quickly found his place in the city after an extensive experience working for different institutions such as the French Institute Alliance Française and NYU. JP decided to include more romance languages by adding Italian and Spanish while aiming to teach foreign languages in a way that relates to one's daily life through immersive Special Programs - taught only by native instructors for an authentic experience of the language and its culture(s). Since our launch in 2013, we have helped businesses and individuals take themselves abroad and improve their skills in, what we call, our 'Communicate Globally' initiative. 

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Our Mission

We aim to enhance cultural awareness and strengthen people's foreign language skills. It is said that learning a foreign language improves critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of the mind! We don't just believe that, we promote that! We believe in a world where people can communicate accurately and, in doing so, strengthen business relationships and transactions, travel abroad more efficiently and more frequently, and improve the quality of people's lives through their communication skills. Our goal is not only to teach you the linguistics skills of speaking of foreign language, but also teach you how to fit in the foreign culture you really want to go visit. No more trying to communicate approximately, we want to teach you how to communicate accurately.

What Students Say About Us

I was only familiar with basic French before I started JP’s classes. Now I read and write in French. I can even write business letters in French. I am able to have cohesive conversations with French friends and business associates. It’s pretty amazing!
— Donna Deseta, Donna Deseta Casting
I just completed an Introduction to Italian at JP Linguistics with Giuliana and my experience has been amazing! As a matter of fact, I just signed up to continue my studies.

The classes are informational, interactive and a fun way to learn Italian. With Giuliana, I don’t just learn the basics of grammar or vocabulary, but I also learn about the Italian culture. The hour flies by and I’m always sorry it ends.

If you are looking for the basics in speaking and understanding Italian, Giuliana at JP Linguistics would be an ideal choice for you. As a matter of fact, no matter what level Italian you want to study, this is the place for you!

Amo il mio corso di italiano!
— Deborah S.
Thoroughly enjoyed the class. The instructor, Marie-Claire, was very knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. The only negative was the class was over too soon!
— Howard Bear, AXA US
I love JP Linguistics. The guys working at the company are awesome alone but the tutors they get are so receptive and really in tune with the culture that they are teaching respectively. The only thing that is better is the atmosphere they create. Something that cannot be matched. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn about the culture or the languages they offer. Their special programs are also a genius idea that I never heard of from any class or organization before.
— Sarin D.
I signed up for JP Linguistics and greatly improved my French which I had not used since my college years. I’m now in the advanced class. JP Linguistics also helped organize a french language immersion trip for me in Paris and Montpelier. Thank you JP Linguistic!!! Bravo!!!!
— Robert G.
We used JP to translate some copy from English to French, and they did an amazing job! The work was speedy, well done, and extremely inexpensive. I will definitely go back to JP for all of my translation needs!
— Samantha Citro, JUARA Skincare
I have been taking classes with JP for 3 years now and enjoy our classes immensely. JP has a good mix of formal grammar and sentence structure with the everyday use of the French language. I would recommend JP Linguistics to anyone who is looking to advance their French language skills beyond group classes.
— Kelly Koyama-Garcia, General Counsel
I’ve taken classes at various language school around the city and I’ve never been as satisfied with the progress I’ve made as I have been with JP Linguistics. I LOVE to travel and now I can speak advanced French when I do! I highly recommend them!
— Heather Cox, www.eatrealfoodnyc.com
Best french class ever!! Love JP!! Definitely recommend them!
— Sari B.
A wonderful class for learning French no matter what your level!
— Elizabeth Black, Harry Winston